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Sample Resignation Letter

Summary: This is a sample resignation letter from an employee who is relocating, and thus needs to tender in a stop work notice, specifying the last working day at the company. The resigning employee leaves in good stead, giving assurance that the current responsibilities are completed well before the last day at work. Appreciation of the company’s support and guidance during the work tenure is noted.

March 20th 2010

Dear Mr. Jones

I am tendering my resignation with this letter, relinquishing my position as Senior Writer of Grand Publishing Limited as of May 16 2010.

The reason for my resignation is that I shall be relocating to Los Angeles to be closer with my family.

I truly appreciate the kind support and guidance that you have shown me while working here. I have gained a lot of experience and growth, professionally as well as personally, during my 5 years at Grand Publishing.

Although all my current projects have been well completed before their deadlines, I am most willing to pass over my responsibilities to the next person of your choosing. It has been my pleasure to have worked with you and the colleagues at Grand Publishing during my tenure here.

Please feel free to contact me through my cell phone.

Yours sincerely


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