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Sample Follow up after a Quote Letter

Summary: Follow letters play a major role in business deals. When a product description or quotation is sent to a client then next step is sending a follow up letter. Such letters helps to maintain a good contact with the client. You can also win the deal in your favour because of this letter. A better way of communication will start through this letter and you will be able to know their opinion about your products, company, and price. Here shows an example of a follow up letter.


(INFO Software Limited)

(56-B Amritar Chowk)
(Boriwala gali)



(General Manager)
(ISSCT Limited)

(3rd July, 2004.)

Dear (Mr. Mahavir),

We have not yet received a confirmation from you regarding the latest software systems given to your company on 20th June, 2010.

And we are sending this with reference to the quote for same and look forward to hear a positive reply from you.

Thanking You,

(Parmitha Sethi)

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