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Sponsorship Letter

Non profit making companies or NGOs that are involved in lot of social work normally do not have the kind of resources that is needed to either run the organization or fund it in anyway. These companies are always looking for sponsorships from other organizations that can afford to support them. A sponsorship however does not always mean financial help. It could also mean volunteers helping in the smooth running of the organization.

A Sponsorship Letter is a letter that is written to ask for support in terms of either financial help or space or help in the form of people. Since it is a letter that is asking for a favor, it should never sound authoritative. It should always state the reason for the sponsorshiprequest. It should also give details of the function if that is the medium against which the sponsorship is being asked for. The tone of the letter should be humble and thankful in nature. A Sponsorship Letter should also give details of how this sponsorship will benefit the charitable organization.

If the sponsorship is in the form of financial help, it should also indicate if the contributions made towards it are exempt from Income Tax under any section. The letter should also specify the amount that has been given as a contribution by the sponsoring organization. If there is a function to support the sponsorship, then the benefit that it will give to the sponsoring organization should also be indicated in the letter.

Careful use of adjectives should be made in the letter. It need not be very lengthy but it should have all the mandatory information.


  • A Sponsorship Letter should not sound authoritative
  • The tone should be humble and thankful in nature
  • The letter should give all details of the event, if any
  • It should specify the need of the voluntary organization, whether a sponsorship is required in terms of financial help or people help or space
  • The Sponsorship Letter should also indicate how will the sponsoring company benefit from this sponsorship
  • If the financial sponsorship is exempted from any section of the Income Tax, that too should form a part of the letter


(This is a sponsorship request letter)



Ours is a non-profit making organization that supports the education, health and stay of orphan girls.

We would like to organize a Ghazals night with the Ghazal maestro – Jagjit Singh on __________ (date) at ___________ (place) from _________ (time).

We are looking for sponsors for the following:

  • Who can help us book a hall
  • Get the tickets printed
  • Sponsor the refreshments
  • Take care of all the expenses related to the event
  • Voluntarily give the proceeds of the event to our organization
  • Give cash/demand draft donations

We would also like to inform you that all contributions are exempt from Income Tax under section __________ (detail of section). We will give you a receipt against the contributions.

Please donate generously and help us help these needy girls.

Yours truly,

(Name and designation of signing authority)

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