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Sample Announcement Letter

An Announcement Letter is a letter that can either be written for a happy announcement or for an unhappy announcement. It can also be an official or a personal Announcement Letter. An official Announcement Letter should clearly indicate the reason for the announcement and if it is a positive one, then it should also be put up on the staff notice board for everyone to see and learn from.

The official Announcement Lettercan be for the following:

  • Promotion
  • Company mergers/acquisitions
  • Company ratings (if have been publicly announced in a daily newspaper, etc)
  • Resignation
  • Termination of individual services/contracts
  • New hires
  • Any bonus announcements
  • Important dates (if any)
  • Opening of a new business venture

The personal Announcement Letter can be for the following:

  • Marriage
  • Birth
  • Sharing of promotion
  • Moving into one’s own house

If it is an announcement for promoting an individual in the organization then it should give the announcement detail, such as ANNOUNCEMENT FOR PROMOTION OF MR./MS. ___________ (name of the individual) TO _______ (designation to which promoted). But it should highlight the name of the person being promoted as well as the designation s/he is being taken to. A short and crisp Announcement Letter conveys the message that it should without losing its importance.

The letter should also highlight the reason for the promotion, such as commend the individual for her/his achievement and contribution towards the growth of the organization, etc.

Since one copy goes to the individual for her/his records, one copy should also be kept signed and received by the individual for her/his personal file with the HR department. One copy should also be put up on the staff notice board so that the employees of the organization see the announcement and derive motivation from it for their achievements.


  • An Announcement Letter, if official, should be in two copies. One addressed to the individual whose promotion or achievement is being announced and second addressed to the whole office informing them of this announcement
  • It should be simply worded
  • An Announcement Letter should be short and crisp
  • It should highlight the reason for the announcement along with its result
  • The official Announcement Letter should always be on the company’s letter head
  • It should only be concerned with the announcement and should not have any details irrelevant to the announcement
  • Grammatical errors and typographical errors should be minutely checked
  • Points in the letter that need focus should be bold and highlighted so that the content of the letter is clear to everyone


(An announcement to tell the entire staff that Ms./Mr. __________ has been promoted)


It is with great pleasurewe announce that Ms./Mr. ___________ has been promoted to ____________ (give designation) with effect from _______ (date). S/he will now be reporting into Ms./Mr. _____________ (name of superior). Ms./Mr. ____________ (name of the person who has been promoted) will be handing over her/his existing charge to Ms./Mr. _________ (name of person who is taking over the previous designation’s charge).

Ms./Mr. __________ (name of person promoted) was among 15 candidates shortlisted for the post and has been selected after a rigorous round of selection process. Her/his qualifications and experience along with the interview results helped us make the choice.

We wish Ms./Mr. __________ (person who has been promoted) all the best and success in her/his new role.

(Name & signature of the signing authority)


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