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Sample Appreciation Letter

A French philosopher and writer has said “Appreciation is a wonderful thing, it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well”.

Each and every one of us has hunger for appreciation. It acts, as a great motivational and inspirational tool to help move up the ladder, be it in personal life or professional life. Compare a person who has received regular appreciations for her/his commendable work and a person who has done equal amount of commendable work but has not received the required appreciation – the former will be a more motivated and productive individual.

So an Appreciation Letter should be written each time an effort or initiative needs to be commended. For the maximum impact of an Appreciation Letter it should be written and given as soon as an individual has achieved something. This gives a feeling to the reader of the letter that her/his efforts/initiatives/achievements are being noticed by the organization and then rewarded. An Appreciation Letter need not necessarily be accompanied by a financial reward, the letter in itself is enough to motivate.

An Appreciation Letter should clearly indicate the reason why is it being given as the individual receiving it would be able to relate to it. The language in the letter should be very clear, as a vague Appreciation Letter is as good as no letter at all. Use of simple words should be encouraged in the letter so that it is easily understood by anyone who is getting it. If the individual getting the letter has been influential in bringing up the business, a comparative detail would be of great help to relate. A copy of the letter should also be put up on the staff notice board for other employees to derive inspiration from.

But an Appreciation Letter can be both official and personal. When a friend’s gesture needs to be valued or appreciated, an Appreciation Letter can be written. It works as a “feel good factor”.


  • For maximum impact an Appreciation Letter should be written immediately after the achievement/initiative
  • The language used in the letter should be simple and easily understandable by anyone
  • If the achievement of the individual who is getting the letter has helped over-achieve targets or has helped boost sales, a comparison of data before the achievement and after the achievement will throw light on the strengths of that individual
  • For further morale boosting of the individual, a copy of the letter should also be put up on the staff notice board
  • Another thing that is achieved by putting a copy of the letter on the staff notice board is that other employees derive inspiration from that
  • To keep the focus of an Appreciation Letter it should only talk about the achievement for which it is being given and no other point should be discussed in the letter
  • An official Appreciation Letter should always be on the company letter head to give it the authenticity it deserves


Name of the person to whom the letter is addressed



Subject: Thank you for helping boost sales by ________% (specify the percentage by which the sales have gone up because of the concerned individual’s efforts)

Dear _____________ (name of the addressee)

We would like to thank you for helping boost the sales of our organization by 25%. The sale figures have gone up from Rs.___________ (earlier figures) to Rs.______________ (new figures) all because of the efforts of your team working under your guidance.

We acknowledge the hindrances that you must have encountered to help us reach this level and appreciate your tireless efforts to overcome those.

Please also extend out thanks to your family without the support of which you would not have been able to put in so much extra time in the organization.

All the best for all your endeavors!


_____________ (Name of the person writing the letter)

______________ (Designation)

cc: Staff notice board

Individual’s HR file

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