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Sample Birthday Letter

“Birth” a very noble memorable moment of life. And if one is remembered on that day by loved ones, it is the best thing that can happen on that day each year. A special day celebrated with special people and remembered by some other special people, is something that anyone would dream of.

A Birthday Letter is the one that is written to the birthday girl or boy on her/his birthday by a friend or colleague or relative. An informal letter by nature, a Birthday Letter should therefore be hand written. If it is being written by a colleague it should be brief but if it is being written by a friend or relative it can be lengthy talking about things other than the birthday wishes.

If the writer wants s/he can play about with the font and colors in the letter to make it look more exciting than just a regular write up. The Birthday Letter should be sent well ahead of the birthday of the recipient so that s/he receives it around the occasion for maximum impact.


  • A Birthday Letter is an informal one so it should preferably be hand written
  • Because of its informality, it may be written in a different font using different colors
  • It should be sent well ahead of the individual’s birthday so that s/he receives it on time
  • It could be a brief letter if written by a colleague but could be a lengthy one if written by a friend or relative
  • Informal use of words such as ‘love’ and ‘care’ can be used while writing the letter
  • It should read as if the writer is there in person wishing the individual
  • The tone should be chirpy and celebrating in nature indicating that the wishes are coming straight from the heart


_____________ (Date)

Dear _____________ (first name of the receiver)

Hi! Hope this letter finds you and everyone at home doing good and going great guns.

So your birthday is here. I am sure you must have lots planned for it – big rocking dances party or something. Did you know “growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional”! And I feel this holds true for you. Each time I meet you I see a child somewhere in you always alive and full of life. Need to learn so much from you.

I pray to God for a long, healthy and rocking life for you. May He shower all His grace on you and your family.

Enjoy yourself on your birthday and every day of the year too.

Take care.


(Name of the sender)

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