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Business Letter

Business letters form a mean of communication between companies or organizations. There are several types of business letters like: Sales letter, introductory letter, sales follow up letter, service letter, order letter, merger letter, bankruptcy letter and retrenchment letter.

The content of each letter varies with the subject of the letter. Business letters are formal letters and hence care should be taken to choose the words appropriately.

The following tips will help you to write a business letter:

  1. A business letter should be written on a company letterhead.
  2. A business letter should be simple, precise and short.
  3. The content of the business letter should be transparent.
  4. Necessary information should be conveyed in a straight forward manner.
  5. Information like dates, place, venue, or any details related to monetary matters should be thoroughly checked before sending the letter.

Business Letter Sample



Star internet services,

Station Road,



Ravi Saxena,

Infotech India Ltd.


Dear Sir/madam,

We would like to enquire about the internet services you provide to commercial organizations. We are in need of a wireless router and have around two hundred work stations.

We would like to get quotations for the services. If we are satisfied with the prices and other factors, we would like to opt for your services.

Your company has a reputation in the industry for your excellent customer service and connectivity. We rely on the feedback and would like to know the details

If you can send your representative to our office with all the details, we can discuss the matters across the table.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Yours Sincerely,

Ravi Saxena

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