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Recommend a Business/Service letter

These business reference or recommendation letter is written to a client/ business associate to recommend a particular business or service provider for any related business purpose. The letter should be written in a polite tone. The writing should be straight to the point.  A letter of reference is like a testimonial attesting the competence of a person of performing a job. It is like helping a person to take an informed decision by making him aware about person/ company that can be helpful to him.

In order to write an effective letter of recommendation, one needs the same qualities as in any kind of persuasive writing: good use of vocabulary, solid structure, useful content, and important details.

Apply Vocabulary –to write a good letter use firm yet lucid language. You can use little bit of creativity. But do not get carried away because after all it is a business recommendation.

Proper structure – divide the letter in paragraphs so that all important areas can be emphasized. But do not increase the length of the letter too much.  The letter should have a well-organized structure including introduction and conclusion.

Useful Content – the letter should be truthful and should only contain information that is useful to the reader.  The letter should follow some aspects like:

• Introductory paragraph – State how well you know the applicant and in what respect (employer, co-worker, partner etc.), and write some general praise about the abilities/ qualities of the referred person/company.

• Body of letter – should include multiple examples of the achievements and qualities of the referred individual/ company.

• Conclusion – Begin this part with some more info that is not essential but useful nonetheless. Share your own experience of working with the referred one. Express hope that the client will have an experience just like you.  Give the contact information and close out with salutation.

Details – similar to an application essay, a letter of business/ service recommendation is most effective

When you include few well-chosen examples are related with the professional field of the client. You can talk about personal qualities but that does not make the refereed one suitable for the work of the client.

Recommend a Business/Service letter Template

Use our free Recommend a Business/Service letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


David Sebastian
Sebastian Industries
Street number, Main Street name
City name, State name, Zip code


John Wayne
Wayne and Sons
200 Maple square
City name, State name, Zip code

Dear Mr. Wayne,

I am writing this letter to recommend to you excellent services of_______(mention person/company etc). ________(Mention person/company etc)has been working with our _______(mention business/agency etc) for the last _____(No of years) and has been providing ________(mention service provided).

_______(Mention company/person etc) has really helped our company throughout the years .

I am confident about the services of _______(Mention company/person etc)  and I can surely recommend the services. Feel free to contact me for any questions you might have.


David Sebastian
Phone Number
Email Address


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

Word Filepdf

Recommend a Business/Service letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


Steve. N. Taylor
General Manager,
Hi-tech Ltd
4001 Rock Avenue
Herndon, MD 22077


Annie Hinton
Chief Manager,
Futuretech Pvt. Ltd
11, Sky Street
Thorsby, AL 35156

21.02. 2012

Dear Mrs. Hinton,

I am happy to recommend you the high quality services of All Networks Internet Service Provider. The clients get a 24 hour service.  The prices are also very reasonable compared to other providers in the market.

The reputation of the services of All Networks Internet Service Provider has grown to be quite high. There was hardly any complaint from the customers. The network has never been totally interrupted because of technical reasons.

I strongly recommend the All Networks Internet Service Provider for your office and personal use.



Annie Hinton


Email Format

These kinds of letters are written to recommend certain business or service provider for further functioning. The tone of the letter should be polite. The letters should be straight forward and to the point.  This letter is addressed to the General Manager of a company about the good service provider in the city. Letter is written by a General Manager of the other company suggesting the Manager of the previous company about the good internet service provider and recommending to start that service.

Dear Mrs. Hinton,

I am pleased to recommend you the network services provided by the All Networks Internet Service Provider. We provide with 24 hours client service.  The prices are also best in the market as well as the service.

The services given by the All Networks Internet Service Provider is excellent till date. There were no complaints in last 3 years. Our network has never been interrupted because of fluctuating network or other reasons till now.

I sincerely recommend the All Networks Internet Service Provider for your smooth network.



Ann G. Hinton


Recommend a Business/Service letter Generator

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