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Recommend a Business/Service letter

These kinds of letters are written to recommend certain business or service provider for further functioning. The tone of the letter should be polite. The letters should be straight forward and to the point.  This letter is addressed to the General Manager of a company about the good service provider in the city. Letter is written by a General Manager of the other company suggesting the Manager of the previous company about the good internet service provider and recommending to start that service.


Beau N. Taylor

General Manager,

InfoTech Ltd.

4868 Roane Avenue
Herndon, MD 22070


Ann G. Hinton

General Manager,

Softech Pvt. Ltd

1111 Strother Street
Thorsby, AL 35171

23rd February, 2011

Dear Mrs. Hinton,

I am pleased to recommend you the network services provided by the All Networks Internet Service Provider. We provide with 24 hours client service.  The prices are also best in the market as well as the service.

The services given by the All Networks Internet Service Provider is excellent till date. There were no complaints in last 3 years. Our network has never been interrupted because of fluctuating network or other reasons till now.

I sincerely recommend the All Networks Internet Service Provider for your smooth network.


Ann G. Hinton

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