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Business Sympathy Letter

Business sympathy letter is written to the known company owner on his huge business loss. Through this letter you must try to give him sympathy and comfort on his big loss. You should give him strength and make him believe that he will cover this loss in the next financial year. Tell him to have belief in God and do hard work to achieve his goals. Here is the example of business sympathy letter written to a business client on his big business loss.



Rick M. Whitefield

2256 School House Road
Jackson, MS 39211

8th June, 2010

Dear Mr. Rick

I got the sad news from annual report that you had a huge financial loss in this financial year because of fraud done by your manager. It is very important to have faithful employees in the company so you must give a punishment to your manager on his fraud.

Please accept my deepest sympathy in your sad time. I pray to God that you can recover this loss in next financial year. So, have faith in God and do your hard work to again take your business at peak. Please tell me if you want any help.


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