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Condolence Letter on Loss of Father-In-Law

Condolence letter is written to show grief to the family of dead person. A well written condolence letter can give little sympathy to the grieving person. You can show your respect towards the dead person and make the grieving person believe that the dead person will always be in your thoughts. This letter must be written with kind and supportive words and it will be good if you write it in your own handwriting. Here is the sample of condolence letter in which sympathy words are written to the colleague on loss of his father-in-law.



Johnny L. Hook

1954 Blue Spruce Lane
Hillsboro, MD 21641

4th August, 2010

Dear Johnny

It is really sad news that you have lost your father-in-law. I met him once in a party and got very impressed by his personality and attitude. I can’t even imagine that he is not with us now. Your son, John was very close to him so please give my wishes and love to your son. Also give my respect and kind wishes to your wife.

You don’t need to get worry about the office work; I will see it. Also tell me if you need any other help. Please accept my deepest condolences and I hope that you and your family will recover soon from this unfortunate happening. I am hoping to see you at office soon.


Charles J. Flores


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