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Sample Condolence Email

Condolence email is send to a person who has just lost his loved one. It is the faster way to convey your support and sympathy to the grieving person. The email must be short and written using very kind words. You can send the email in just one click and the receiver can read it whenever he wants. In this modern world of internet no one wants to go to the post office to post the letter and also don’t want to wait for days for the letter delivery. So, email is the best way to send your sympathy to the grieving person. Here is the sample of condolence email written on the death of friend’s sister.

To: email of recipient

Subject: Condolence

Dear Jonny

Please accept my deep condolences on the untimely death of your loving sister due to accident. It is really very shocking news for me and my family. She was very nice and cheering girl and we will always remember our first meeting with her.

I can understand the condition of your heart but I can only say you to keep patience and give strength to your family to bear this irrecoverable loss. Please tell me if you need any help.


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