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Sample Condolences Letter

Ms/Mr. ______________


Date: ___________

Subject: Condolences


All the group leaders, staff, and concerned members

It is with deep personal regret that I inform you the death of ____________ (name of the deceased) on _________ (date). He was suffering from deadly disease of cancer in his abdomen from last few years. He fought with the disease bravely and in the end gave up to the gods call.

He was a great man with the charming personality which always inspired us to be happy and content. He was hardworking and able leader who lead us in times of crisis. He taught us to stand firmly even in the worst of the conditions. His contribution towards the organization is not replaceable. The void left due to his absence will be difficult to fill.

Our heart and feeling goes to his family members. We hope he lies with peace in heaven.

Silence will be observed in his memory tomorrow at ____ (time). All the staffs are requested to be available to pay respect.




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