Delegation Letter – Sample Delegation Letter

Delegation is the art of getting work done but through others. One needs to be very precise in ones judgment of who to delegate the work to. Since the onus of the work will be on the person responsible for it, the person to whom the work is delegated should be as efficient as the person herself/himself.

A Delegation Letter is the one that is written to entrust someone with the work. Since the work needs to be completed in the stipulated time, the person who is delegating the work needs to keep following up with the person doing the work. Utmost care needs to be taken to ensure that the work is being done with the same sincerity and compliance as the original worker would have done it.

The person delegating the work has to be very tactful at the time of delegating the work because her/his tone should not sound authoritative. Delegation is a request to someone to do the work in place of someone else. Careful use of adjectives such as please, request, trust, etc should be used in the Delegation Letter. The letter should also carefully state what work has to be accomplished. The timelines also need to be defined to leave no room for ambiguity.


  • A Delegation Letter should be very tactfully handled.
  • The person who is delegating the work needs to be absolutely sure that the person who will finally be doing the work is as efficient
  • Sincerity and compliance still needs to be maintained even though the person now doing the work is different from the one to whom it was actually entrusted
  • Even if the work has been delegated, the onus of its completion to perfection is still on the first person responsible for the assignment
  • Before the letter is handed over to the individual please make sure that there are no grammatical and punctuation errors
  • The tone of the letter should not sound authoritative as this is a kind of “requesting letter” and not an “order letter”
  • The letter should state the work that needs to be accomplished
  • The timelines within which the work needs to be completed should also be clearly mentioned in the letter
  • Till when is the letter valid should also be specified


Name and address of person to whom work is being delegated

Name of person who is delegating the work


Subject: Delegation Letter

Dear Ms/Mr _____________

You are aware that I have to go for some official work to _____________ (place) on __________ (date) and will be back only by ___________ (date).

I am currently handling _____________ (details of project), which will not be over by the time I leave. I trust you as much as myself and would like to delegate the responsibility to you for handling this project on my behalf. I would therefore request you to please hold fort till my return.

Even though I will be away from office but you can always contact me on ____________ (mobile number) in case of any assistance required.

Thanking you in anticipation and appreciate your support.

Best regards,

(Name of person delegating the work)

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