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Sample Disagreement Letter

There will be several instances in ones’ life when a person disagrees with the other person’s decision. It becomes necessary to communicate to the other person through a letter. Since a disagreement is being shown, the tone of the letter should be polite.

The following tips will help you to write a disagreement letter:

1. Be as polite as possible. Words and phrases should be carefully chosen.

2. The letter should be simple and easy to understand.

3. It is better to communicate in a polite manner and the letter should be short and precise.

Disagreement Letter Sample



The Manager


Abids Branch,


Dear Sir,

I want to state that the late payment charges you have levied on my credit card bill are not acceptable. As per your records I have not made the payment. But after receiving the bill I dropped a cheque in the collection box in the ATM at the Abids Branch, where I have an account. Earlier whenever I dropped a cheque it used to get credited into my credit card account within three days.

I provided the cheque number also to the concerned official and it is not my fault if it has not been traced in your office. I request you that the late payment charges of Rs 890 should be cancelled.

Please verify the matter with your officials and send me a mail with the details.

I hope to hear from you,

Thanking you,


Yours Sincerely,

Pravesh Dhawan

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