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Sample Disagreement Letter

In any business or personal relations, there are instances wherein you may not agree with your partners or friends. And there are instances where you are compelled to write disagreement letters to strangers as well. These letters should be written carefully.

The following tips will help you to write a disagreement letter:

  1. As it is a disagreement to the proposal, the tone of the letter should be polite.
  2. The letter should be simple, precise and clear.
  3. The content should be short and up to the point.


Disagreement Letter Sample



Ramesh Kumar

Customer Service Executive,



Dear Mr. Kumar,

The management has received your plan to restructure the department. After several discussions with the employees and experts in the field, the management has concluded that as of now there is no necessity to revamp the department. The company has to incur lot of expenses if your plan is approved.

In this particular period of recession, the management is thinking of several cost cutting measures. It is very important to stay in the market and face the tough competition from other competitors as well. Your plan is definitely impressive and will fetch good returns in the long run. But at present the company is not in a position to incur any extra cost.

We shall discuss the plan at a later stage. Your efforts are highly appreciated by the management.

Yours Sincerely,


Ravi Anand

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