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Farewell Party Thank You Letters

Farewell party thank you letters are mostly written for thanking those people who have organized a farewell party. This kind of letter can even mention the beautiful memories. Moreover a person can thank the person throwing the beautiful party along with lovely preparations. It can tend to be appreciative for the person who has received such grand party from the host.

  • Be appreciative – As this is a farewell party thank you letter and a major contribution of the person throwing the party, it should be full of appreciation.
  • Should be personal – This kind of letter should be strictly personal as it would be written by the person receiving the farewell party.
  • Being generous – During writing farewell party thank you letter, the writer should be generous to the person organizing such farewell party.
  • Saying thanks politely – While writing farewell party thank you letter, the person should use polite words.
  • Being friendly – This applies for the colleagues or co-worker or classmates.
  • Avoiding being too much friendly or informal – During writing such farewell party thank you letters, a person must be very much professional, factual and direct. This mostly goes with the teacher, principal or boss.
  • Expressing what is within the mind – There are various common or colloquial words in the mind like “so long” or “see ya later”. These words should be said direct in the ending of the letter. A person should think well before writing such letters.
  • Should be short and simple – It is better to keep this kind of farewell party thank you letters, short and simple.
  • Should consist of emotional feelings – While writing such farewell letters, the writer should pour out his or her heart with emotions in to the letter.
  • Being direct – It is saying thank you in a direct manner. Writing farewell letter to a company or organization is a serious matter, so should be handled with care.
  • One should take good care and also respect whole thanking a flame. But should avoid the terms endearment, as it can be worse in certain times.

Farewell Party Thank You Letters Template

______________ (Name of the office or organization)

______________ (Address of the office or organization)

______________ (City)

____________ (Country)

Dear Staff,

I thank you all for the wonderful farewell party. I am very much honored to be a part of _________ (name of the office or organization). I have enjoyed a lot working here for the past five years. Moreover I feel pledged with the farewell party organized by the entire staff and my boss.

I would take this chance for expressing my sincere appreciation regarding my colleagues and boss. I also appreciate for the time you all have given for organizing and decorating the hall for making this party a success. Moreover I was obliged with the delicious dishes. Thank you once again. It was really a great pleasure working here along with your coordination and support.

Yours thankfully,

______________ (Name of writer)

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Farewell Party Thank You Letters Sample, Email and Example/Format


114, DP Santa Cruz Road,



Dear Madam,

Thank you so much for an excellent farewell party being organized by this institute. Moreover I thank my lovely teachers for thinking so much for me. I Sameer Khanna, the head prefect of the school on behalf of the whole management class are honored for your expression of gratitude for us and arranging this outstanding farewell party within the campus. It was too much fun to be a part of this party. In addition the funny games and events being organized for us, by our juniors were lovely.

We also appreciate our lovely teachers along with the non-teaching staff who took their great time and pain for decking up the assembly hall and doing such great arrangements for us. Moreover the dinner which was served was excellent and tasty, especially the desserts. We have enjoyed a lot. Thank you once again for everything.

Yours thankfully,

Sameer Khanna

Email Format

441, ZA Cross Road,

New Delhi,


Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for an outstanding farewell party organized by the institute and our lovely teachers. I Sam Mathur captain of the school on behalf of the entire management class would like to express gratitude to arrange such a lovely farewell party in our school campus. It was a fun to be a part of this party. The events organized by the juniors and funny games organized by the entire staff members was fun.

Our appreciations are with the non teaching staff which took a lot of pains in decorating the assembly hall and for lovely arrangements of the party. The dinner served during the party was very delicious and especially the deserts were mind blowing. We all did enjoy the accompaniments of our professors who managed their tight schedules and spent time with us. We all will never forget the fun loving moments of our entire course and will cherish every moment of it. Once again thank you all on behalf of management students.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Sam Mathur.

Farewell Party Thank You Letters Generator

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