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New Employee Introduction Letter

The sample of new employee introduction letter is provided below. This kind of letters is used to introduce the new employee to the rest of the working staff of the company. The letter can be written in the name of the teams ‘ leader where the employee is going to join.


Nick Karter

Marketing Manager

Technological solutions

21st January 2010

Dear Nick,

I would like to introduce you our new employee Mr. Gary Brown, who will join your team tomorrow morning. The educational background and work experience of Mr. Gary are very promising. He seems to be very reliable, hardworking and responsible person. I think he is able to add a great value to your team.

Kindly ask you to introduce him to the rest of the team and accept with warm welcome.

I find him very easy going and social person, therefore I don’t think that you will have any communication problems within a team.

Hope Mr. Brown will become a part of your team and contributes to the effectiveness and overall achievements of your team and our company in general.

Thank you in advance,



General manager

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