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Resume Introduction Letter

Summary: A resume introduction letter will be a very big help for the aspiring candidate to get the job that is offered. It is one formal way to refer a qualified candidate. If you are helping someone by referring him/ her to an employer, feel free to use the sample we have made for this purpose.

Rhea Wright,

Bascis Consultancy.

August 23, 2009

Mr.Joseph Werk,

General Manager,

Swiss International,


Dear Mr.Werk,

It is my pleasure to introduce the resume of Ms. Jonna Keffer with regards to the job opening for receprionist in your most prestigious firm. She will be the best candidate for this post and I can assure with that.

She has the necessary qualifications that will meet your standards such as her educational attainment and work experiences. Her pleasing appearance will surely make her an asset for your company. She is able to speak various languages which, again, meet your standards. Since she has no current employer, she is very much available in case she will be hired.

Enclosed herewith is a copy of a her resume and I am hoping for you positive response on this matter. Please call me at your most free time before the weekend concerning this matter. Im very happy to have assisted you.


Reah Wright,

HR Manager.


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