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Leave Letter Format

Writing a letter involves a great deal as you need to follow some format and style in order to make sure that you convince your employer to grant you your required leave period. Have a look at the following leave letter format and make your leave letters appealing and professional.

Employee Name

Employee Address with Zip Code

Date of letter

Employer Name

Employer Designation

Address of the company with zip code


Dear Mr. or Mrs. Employer Name,

Body of letter:

Paragraph 1:

Generally in paragraph one, you need to tell your details to your employer and inform him your need of leave of absence from office. In addition, mention the number of days with dates if possible and state a valid reason for asking leave of absence. Just give a brief info and do not write too long paragraph.

Paragraph 2:

In paragraph 2, you need tell your employer about your present handled work and its status whether completed or not. If not completed, you may assign the work to any of your colleague capable of doing it and add full details in the letter about this issue.

Paragraph 3:

In the final part of your letter, thank your employer for considering your leave and mention your contact number if applicable to contact you in case of emergency.


Yours sincerely, truly, faithfully,


Your name.

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  1. hi please send me a sample letter not to report from work every saturday because i enrolled in school for studying care giver.

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