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“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. This is an age old saying but has not been written without any reason. In today’s competitive world to stay on the “treadmill of work” people slog their life out but it is equally essential for them to take a break. Leaves are very rejuvenating and when a person comes back from a leave, efficiency is definitely higher.

Every company has its own leave policies and all employees need to abide by them. A Leave Letter is the one that is written by an employee to inform the organization of the dates when s/he will be out of office. The reason for applying for leave may vary. For example, leave can be due to employee’s ill health, going on vacation with family, a mishap in the family, etc. Obviously if there is a mishap in the family or the employee is unwell, then the employee will not be in a position to give enough notice because these things happen all of a sudden. However, for leave request for a vacation, enough notice will need to be given.

A Leave Letter should be short and crisp. It should give all relevant details related to the leave. The Leave Letter should ideally be addressed either to ones immediate superior or to the HR department. It is always ethical to take prior sanction before proceeding on leave. The letter should clearly state when the employee joins back because the organization will have to make alternate arrangements accordingly. The reason for leave is an important component of the Leave Letter. If there is any assignment the due date of which is approaching, then that too should be mentioned in the letter ensuring that the work is done even during the employee’s absence.


  • A Leave Letter should preferably be given well ahead of the period when leave is to be availed except in cases of emergency
  • The letter should be addressed to the immediate superior or HR department
  • The reason for applying for leave should be clearly mentioned in the letter
  • What type of leave is being taken (Casual/Sick/Earned), if mentioned, is an added advantage
  • The Leave Letter should be brief
  • All relevant details, such as period of leave, joining date, etc should be mentioned in the letter
  • If there is any assignment that will become due during absence, please mention its details also in the letter
  • A Leave Letter is a request so please do not sound authoritative


Name and address of person applying for leave

Name, designation and address of person to whom letter is addressed


Subject: Leave Application

Dear Sir or Madam

The wedding of my sister has been fixed for __________ (date). Since I have to go to my hometown _____________ (name of town) to attend the wedding I am requestingfor leave of 10 days from ________ (start date) to _____________ (end date),

I would request you to please sanction the leave at the earliest because I also need to book my train tickets well in advance.

These leaves may be deducted from my ______________ (Casual/Sick/Earned) leaves.

I have completed all projects that had to be submitted and there is nothing pending or due till I return.

I will be sending the wedding invitation to all of you just before I leave. My family and I would be delighted if all of you attend the wedding and bless the newly wedded couple.

Thanking you in anticipation

Best regards,

(Name of the applicant)

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