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Direct Marketing Letter

There are many ways to advertise products. Various companies resort too many methods in making the consumers aware of their products. Sending letters and fliers to the people, area wise is also one of the methods. This letter contains information and explanation of the product as well as making the consumer aware of the benefits of buying the product.

Here is a sample direct marketing letter:


John Smith

Marketing Head,

Washit Cleaning Solutions


Mrs. Laura Simons.

House #60,

Elms Street,

Avenue Road,

New York

21st June, 2010

Respected Sir/Madam,

Our company has been in production of cleaning agents for the past 20 years. You must be well aware of our products which includes a wide variety of cleaning products, namely Washit Kitchen Cleaner, Washit Tiles And Bathroom Cleaner, And various types of brushes.

We have now introduced a new type of tile and bathroom cleaner which is all the more powerful. Besides this we have brought out a whole new range of cleaning agents to solve the day to day cleaning chores.

Our new products are mentioned in the enclosed leaflet. We have presently introduced a new offer where at the purchase of certain products you get the other free for a trial. This offer is valid on the new launched products. This has been introduced to offer an opportunity to the customers to try the new products free of cost. The products are available of the shelf at all the departmental stores.

So, kindly avail the offer at the earliest as it ends on the 20th of July.

Thanking you,

John Smith,

Marketing Head

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