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Marketing Letter for New Business

Summary: A good letter of invitation will make your friends grace your invitation to witness the opening of your business. You do not have to visit them one by one but you just have to write a simple letter. If you are trying to write one and you just can’t start it, then here is a sample that you can use as your guide.

May 12, 2009

Dear Friends:

We would like to make it known that you are all invited to the inauguration of our business “Home Sweet Home” in the Mayo market just near “Morgan Textiles” on July 3, 2009. Our products are different building needs and we are expert in flooring matters. If you will consider our services, we assure you that your building needs will all be satisfied.

To be part of this event, we have invited superstar James and this will happen on July 3 at 10 in the morning. There will be a discount of  10% on our products on all our products on that day. Our product line includes vitrified tiles, granites, Italian marbles. wooden flooring, doors, glass, ceilings, PVC materials, pipes and any other home building needs. We are thinking of including home decoration goods in our line of products to help you transform your house into a beautiful home.

Please accept our invitation as your presence will really matter and see for yourself all our products and find out how perfect they are for your needs.

Thank you and Regards

Roland Swift

Home Sweet Home

Phone: 9876543280

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