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Marketing Letter to Friends and Family

Summary: Invite your friends and family to your business using a letter that will explain your intentions. A good letter will be a very effective and easy marketing style. If you are trying to write one for your business, make use of the sample below created just for you.

March 5, 2009

Dearest Family and Friends:

With so much pride and happiness, I am writing you this letter to formally tell you that I am an active member of a multilevel marketing business specializing in direct selling. The company,”Amway,” has truly helped me financially and has been an inspiration for me to strive more. However, I cannot do this all alone, I am appealing for your help for us to really explore the business and the opportunities it can offer.

Here are some information about the company Amway.

  • ¬∑ Multilevel marketing: This is a point system. Everytime we refer a person to join the business, we are able to earn points. Then, those that we refer will also gain points from the referrals that they make and it will add up to my points. Therefore, the points grow with each referral in different levels.
  • ¬∑ The line of goods that Amway offers is of the best quality and I am sure that you will love these products once you try it. Their product line includes welless products, beauty care, house care, automobile care, and hygiene products. Please see me at your most convenient time, purchase our products, and see the difference.

Hoping to meet you all,

Best Regards,

Frank Luther

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