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Marketing Letter to Physician

Summary: Physicians are very busy people and they just wait for sales people to go to their clinics to promote their products. A good letter will make you do this even if you are not personally present, write a marketing letter to that physician and he will sure to consider your product. Please see the sample letter below for your guide.

May10, 2009

Dr. Francis Dwight

Basic Wellness Clinic


Dear Dr. Dwight:

We are aware that you have a very promising career in medicine in your place and lots of people have already trusted your service. I am from “Herbal Remedies” and our company is one of the leading dealers of herbal remedies for different ailments in the country.

Being an expert in medicine, I am pretty sure that you are aware of the benefits of herbal preparations as medicines. Enclosed herewith is our brochure, for you to have a glimpse of our products as well as some information about each product. I can proudly say that  you can prescribe our products to your patients as needed. It will be my priviledge to visit you one of these days at your free time and I will bring with me some sample products.

We are aware of your commitment to the health of your patients and our products will surely be of help to them. Please feel free to check our brochure and contact me if you have some querries concerning our products.

Thanking you very much.

Truly Yours,

Jane Shaw

For Herbal Remedies

Phone: 9776789056

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