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Marketing Proposal Letter

Summary: Writing a good proposal letter for marketing services is a very effective method marketing strategy on the part of marketing firms. It is indeed very important to look for institutions, like schools, who would most likely entrust their marketing strategy to an outside firm. If you are working in a marketing firm and planning to write a letterproposing your marketing services, then heres a handful for you.

Rising Co. Inc.


April 13, 2007

Dear Mrs. Star,

I would like to commend you for a brilliant idea in setting up a school. This business venture of yours would spell financial blessings for yourself. But, I believe that an intense marketing strategy must be implemented in order for this venture of yours to succeed. You cannot just make this institution like those other ordinary colleges that didn’t really make good because of a poor marketing strategy. Our company, Mindsnest Marketing Firm, would like to offer our marketing services in order to make your college standout among all colleges in the area.  Our firm is already known for the extraordinary services that we offer by using print media, television, radio and billboards and the Internet in order to make sure that your college will be made known to people that we can possibly reach usinng these effective media.

Please let us assist you in making your college standout from the rest and known worldwide.

Mindnest Marketing Firm,


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