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Marketing Sales Letter

Summary: A marketing sales letter makes a sales person close deals if only it is written in a very impressive manner. A letter will make you list of the services that you can offer and it can easily be reviewed by your clients as it is handy. Please check this sample letter for your guide in writing one.

Our Serviice Will Help You Make a Good Sales Offer for Your Property.

This letter serves as an invitation for you to consider our line of investors who are in need of properties that are for sale. If in case, you will consider offering your property to interested buyers, then this a good venue for you to do it. I have several partners who are investing in real estate properties and it would be my pleasure if you will give me a chance to talk to you concerning a business plan. We own a brokerage company that handles several properties in real estate. We have our list of interested buyers for properties inside and outside the country. If ever you consider selling your property then we can help you out with that. To know more of the services we can offer to you please feel free to visit our website www.retail.co

Sincerely Yours,

Signature in blue ink

Success Marketing Co.

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