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Sales and Marketing Letter

Summary: A winning sales and marketing letter will make you win a client account. As a marketing strategy, sending a letter will give a company a chance to explain its services more. If you are writing a sales and marketing letter and just dont know how to start it, then here is a sample for you.

Mr. John Smith ,

General Director,

MMobile Telecom,

Box 123,


17th August 2008

Dear Mr. Smith,

MobileTech, a multinational service operator for mobile phones, would like to invite you to be a part our its network for a recently launched operating service in India.

The services we offer includes mobile phone services as well as Internet provision and our prices are very much affordable. We offer zero connection fee and still you can make phone calls to various telecommunication networks at the lowest rate in all of India. Rest assure that a poor connnection is never an issue with MobileTech. We have with us the latest equipment that makes your connection very clear may it be a voicecall for ou mobile phone or Internet surfing using your computer.

As a bonus, once you sign up with MobileTech, we will give you free air time wherein you can make free calls from 6pm until midnight and your Internet services will be at a 50% discounted rate for two weeks after you sign up for our service.  Please feel free to visit our website www.mobiletech.com for more information of our company and our products.

Truly Yours,

Dyna Schuck,

Marketing Manager,


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