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Sample Marketing Letter

Summary: Your marketing strategy will work well with a good marketing letter. Whatever product or service will be greatly presented in a well developed letter. If you are looking for an impressive marketing letter, here is a sample.

Mrs. Meyer,

Marita Products,



How to get big discounts on furniture.

Dear Ma’am,

Our firm, AMS Co. has a good offer for you in helping you in buying your furniture. A savings of half the price on your furniture will be guaranteed if you will consider our service. We will work hard to provide you with data that will assist you in getting top of the line furniture at a very minimal price. With AMS Co., you can assure that we are expert in both brand new and used furniture. In our line are leading brands such as Home Designs, Ideals and many others. The used furniture makes no big difference with the new ones. For a used furniture, we can assure you of a savings of half the price.

Our workers are trained and will be able to assist you in designing your home and in installing these furniture. We have prepared some quotations for you and you can have them anytime you want.

Best Regards,

1-300-000-0000 ext 678

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