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Sample Marketing Letter

A sample marketing letter may be sent out in mass as part of the marketing strategy of a business entity whether a retail store or a large corporation. An impressive letter will succeed in promoting your products or services. If you want to write an effective marketing letter, follow the example given here.

  1. Identify your organization clearly and the purpose of the letter
  2. Be friendly and informative in your approach
  3. Focus on the benefits your product/services offer to customers
  4. Include incentives if possible
  5. Include call to action, like phone number, email, website form, social media presence, and so on

Sample Marketing Letter Template

Use our free Sample Marketing Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.




Date ——— (Date of letter)



Dear Sir/Madam,

We are pleased to introduce —————————–, our new range of ——–.

It includes —————————(products-list).

Our products are sturdy and durable, and we are happy to offer a — year warranty.

Our after sales service is one of the best in the industry and complaints are afforded top priority.

Attached here is a list of our authorized dealers in your area along with a ——- discount coupon which can be presented at purchase.

Please visit our website ——————– or call —————— (toll free) for further details.

Happy Shopping!


Yours truly
Signature and name


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

Word Filepdf

Sample Marketing Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format



Prashant Pandey
GM Sales,
Volrej Electronics
973 Pankaj Arcade,
Pimpri, Pune

Date ——— (Date of letter)


Mrs. Phoolan Paranjpe
426 Pingle Co-op Housing Society,
Ganesh Peth

Dear Mrs. Paranjpe,

We know how hard pressed for time today’s busy working woman like you is. Balancing home and office sometimes leaves no time for you. But we have come out with appliances made with the latest technology, sure to reduce your workload.

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the all new Volrej range of home appliances. Air conditioners, LED and Plasma TVs, Refrigerators, Ovens, Water Purifiers, Washing Machines and Food Processors are available in different price ranges, sizes, capacities and colours.

We are sure you will be thrilled to hear that, we are offering the highest warranty period in the market, of 6 years for washing machines and 3 years for all the rest. We have a large staff to cater to after sales service to our customers, and your complaints are attended to swiftly.

We also offer product replacement for a manufacturing defect, if brought to our service centres within two months of purchase.

Attached here is a list of our authorized dealers in your area along with a 10% discount coupon which can be presented at purchase.

Please visit our website or call our toll free number 1800-888844.

Best wishes,


Sincerely yours


Email Format

Your marketing strategy will work well with a good marketing letter. Whatever product or service will be greatly presented in a well developed letter. If you are looking for an impressive marketing letter, here is a sample.

Dear Ma’am,

Our firm, AMS Co. has a good offer for you in helping you in buying your furniture. A savings of half the price on your furniture will be guaranteed if you will consider our service. We will work hard to provide you with data that will assist you in getting top of the line furniture at a very minimal price.

With AMS Co., you can assure that we are expert in both brand new and used furniture. In our line are leading brands such as Home Designs, Ideals and many others. The used furniture makes no big difference with the new ones. For a used furniture, we can assure you of a savings of half the price.

Our workers are trained and will be able to assist you in designing your home and in installing these furniture. We have prepared some quotations for you and you can have them anytime you want.


Best Regards,
1-300-000-0000 ext 678


Sample Marketing Letter Generator

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