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Employment Enquiry Letter

An employment enquiry letter is a letter written to make an enquiry about a job vacancy in a corporation or organization. Enquiry letters are addressed to the human resources departments of companies. The letters are short and crisp and to-the-point. An employment enquiry letter will ask questions applicable to the vacancy. An enquiry letter is always small and matter-of-fact. Employment enquiry letters cannot be too long-drawn or lengthened. A person writing a letter of enquiry about employment must know all the details about the vacancy he wants to apply for or know more about. The letter must make this evident to the recipient that the person writing the letter is well-versed in the affairs of the company and is therefore probably good at the position he wants to apply for.

Tips for writing a good employment enquiry letter:

  1. An enquiry letter about employment will contain important details about its writer, as well about the vacancy he is enquiring about.
  2. The letter has to be concise and cannot therefore contain too many questions, however formal they may be.
  3. The writer must learn to combine whatever questions he has into one compound question so that the nature of the letter remains proficient rather than turning annoying.
  4. An enquiry letter about employment will also be respectful of the company and therefore contain a polite address and statements. It must be apologetic about any inconvenience caused. This gets it across to the receiver that the writer is also well-mannered and responsible.

Employment Enquiry Letter Sample











Subject: Enquiry about position/ job vacancy

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing with the intent of making an enquiry into the position of ________ [mention designation] in your company. This news of this vacancy was revealed to me while I was an attendee at your Annual Social Conference. I was a marketing representative for my past employer.

I would appreciate it a lot if you could send me a reply on the email address I have attached. It would also help me in charting out my future plans.

I’m sorry about any inconvenience that might have been caused in this process.

Yours sincerely,



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