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Promise a Delayed Payment to a Creditor

This letter should ensure the creditor that you are intending to pay back. Use very simple language and don’t commit payment which you cannot pay later, be very honest about your situation.

Dear Sir,

This is to request that I will not be able to make the payment for this month due as I am not working now. I was laid off a week back and I am suffering from financial setbacks I would pay ________ to show my interest of paying and will be paying the remaining amount next month. I can’t afford to pay the huge amount at this point of time and I hope you understand the crisis I am going through.

I am looking for job and my wife is also trying to go for some job. I am sure we will be able to pay back soon. We hope that you will give us some more time. Please tell if this is o.k. with you or else we have to make other arrangements. I have been your customer from past 3 years and have always made the payments on time. I hope you will consider that and give us some tome.


Your name.

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