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Informal Letter – Sample Informal Letter

Dear name,

I understand that you would like to come to Dubai for a job. But let me tell you life in Dubai is not as easy as you think , I would suggest you to take one month leave from your current job and came and see if it is reasonable for you to live here. First and foremost getting a house is a problem.

As you are planning to bring your family it’s very difficult to manage. The big problem is getting a house, it’s expensive, even the cost of living is very high. So think properly before making decision and see if your salary can take care of expense for the school as good schools charge very high fees and travelling expense is also high. Though it’s nice for bachelors to come and make money otherwise it’s not a good option. I know that you have a flat and the kids are all going to good school and you are well settled as you are already earning a good amount in India and you have given seven years to the company, I would suggest to think it over again.

In the end, its your decision and I will always support your decision. Please think it over again before resigning.


Your name.

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