Proposal Rejection Letter

Summary: A letter of regret from a company which cannot collaborate with another company although the submitted proposal holds potential and the proposing company is of quality standards, as the timing is not appropriate since the responding company already has prior commitments with a third party. However, future collaboration is a possibility.

Mr. Mursel Regojevi?

Porticol Engineering Ltd

Parmova 34
Sl1370 Logatec


April 15th 2010

Dear Mr. Regojevi?

Thank you for your company’s proposal with regards to our company’s upcoming new products.

We are pleased with Porticol Engineering Ltd’s interest to collaborate with Unlimited Resources Ltd on promoting and selling our new Electrical Handheld products.

It is our regret to inform you that Unlimited Resources Ltd is unable to accept Porticol Engineering Ltd’s proposal for collaboration on these new products at the moment although your standards and commitment requirements surpassed our expectations, as Unlimited Resources Ltd is currently committed to YesLine Engineers Ltd to take on Unlimited Resources’ new products for the moment.

However, we would like to keep your company open for possible future collaborations when such opportunities arise.

Thank you for your interest in Unlimited Resources high quality products and we hope that collaboration opportunities will arise soon for both parties.

Yours Truly,

Gina Watson

Project Manager

Unlimited Resources Ltd

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