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Adoption Reference Letter


There are important things that you must remember when you make an adoption reference letter. One of this is the content of your letter. When it comes to the content of your letter it should have information that totally fits to an adoption reference letter.

Mother Superior,

Sussex Home for Orphans,

567 Notting Hall,


Dear Madam,

In reference to the adoption application of Mr. and Mrs. Peter, we have made to meet with the couple for 3 weeks and after a conclusive and careful examination, the couple gets our total permission. During this time the couple has asked us in their house and presented us where the kids will be living, the activities that the children will be participating and the schools that they are planning to take the children, together with some modalities. These modalities comprise their constant personal rapport as a couple, the couple’s monetary capability to bring up the two adolescent children and also their spiritual background. We greatly recommend the Mr. and Mrs. Peter as fitting parents and if there are further information derived on our assessment be required, we will give directly or through the social office of child welfare.

Yours truly,

Bernice Penn

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