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Reference Letter from a Manager


This letter is very essential for applicants since it is a proof that they had been a very good employee to their previous employers. In a point of fact, this can also be a perfect assurance for companies and firms that those people that they hire are exceptionally responsible and can be dreadfully efficient in the position that they applied for.

The management,

IFU Solutions,

Beverly Hills,



This is for your reference about your applicant Mr. Mario McKinley for the position of sales clerk in your company. I want to inform you that Mr. McKinley has been a very good employee in my company as a sales agent for two years and later promoted as sales clerk in a span of three years. In five years of working for me, I can confidently say that he can be very dependable and responsible for the position that he is applying for in his company.

If not for his irrevocable resignation because he has to leave my company for personal yet valid reason, I’d rather say that I don’t want him to resign. Apart from being my very excellent employee, he also became one of my good and very trusted employees whom I’m very certain that can work efficiently with minimal supervision.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Liza Chui

General Manager

Germas Corporation


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