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Job Request letter

There is a sample of the job request letter below that can be used while applying for a new position. Along with your CV write this kind of letter that will explain your willingness to work for the company you are applying for.


Mr Karliedes

Human Resource Manager,

Akrokuka company


Dear Mr. Karliedes

I am writing this letter in order to apply for the vacant position of marketing manager within your company. I reviewed all the requirements mentioned for the job and can assure you that I am qualified for this position. Additionally, I have 5years experience in a similar position. I would like to take a chance to show my abilities and prove that I am a right candidate for this kind of job. I was involved in many marketing projects both in team and individually. The results were very promising. During my five years of experience there were a lot of achievements in my career.

Kindly ask you to consider me as a candidate for this vacancy within your organization.

Will be looking forward to your reply.

Thanking in advance,

Best regards,

Jose Antonio

5 Gregres street

Madrid, Spain

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