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Recommendation Request Letter

Summary: Requesting a letter for recommendation must be done properly. Be sure to express all that you want to included in your recommendation for college admission. If you are a student and is working on this kind of letter, please feel free to check this letter out.


523 Lost Heights,

Sta. Maria,


Dear Mrs. Rona,

It will be a big favor for me if you will be able to give me your recommendation. Through this I will be able to be admitted in a presitigious school for my higher education. I am writing you this letter to provide you some data on my qualifications and some information about me to aid you in making that letter.

Please concentrate your discussion for recommendation on my academics as well as my personality and some information needed for the school to know my qualifications.

Kindly expound on these information on your recommendation letter.

· I have been consistent with my grades

· I am active inside and outside class

· I help other students in their academics

· I have received an award with my science project.

Please let me know if there are some data that you need to know. I appreciate your help.

Thank you.

Truly Yours,

Kristian Moore

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