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Request for Quote Letter

Summary: This letter requests a quotation on some required products by a company. The products requirements are given while requesting for each unit product’s sale price. A prompt reply is requested due to the urgency of the matter. A projected acquisition target is also given to envisage the volume of business from this collaboration.

Leon C. Pickering


Solid Wares Products

5 Wade Lane
KY12 3AS

11th January 2010

Re: Request for quotation letter.

Dear Mr. Pickering

We understand that your company manufactures some products that fit our business requirements, and would like to request a quotation on the following items. We would appreciate your sales quotation of the listed items below before the end of the week for our acquisition consideration.

Products                                    Description                                 Unit

Plastic base                           For Cooking Utensils

Teflon base For Pans and Pots

Stainless Steel                            For Storage Containers

Please note that CookWell Ltd would require a monthly 1000 units of each item requested above. As we are rushing for a confirmed order, we would appreciate a prompt response from you before the mentioned deadline.

We hope that this can be the start of a long lasting business relationship.

Yours Sincerely

Sandra Bally

Production Manager

CookWell Ltd

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