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Request Letter Community Help

Dear name,

This is an appeal to all the community members regarding the garbage that can be seen in all the nook and corner of the premises. There are dustbins provided for all houses, and we request you to dump your garbage in the dustbin. Please keep all the roads and surroundings clean as there are many diseases which spread because of these. Furthermore, because of the garbage the pigs and dogs are frequenting in our lawn. I have been the secretary of this colony from past two years and last year we got the prize for neat community but off late I can see garbage and papers and left over’s in the parks and in the parking area and near the houses extra, Please keep all your surroundings clean as children play in the area and are prone to diseases easily.

We have provided facility to dump your garbage and cleaning the roads and other area but it’s not possible to clean the surroundings without your support. I request all if the residents to take a conscious effort in keeping our area clean. I think we can set an example to others by keeping our colony clean. I look forward to your cooperation, and if you need any help in this mission, please call us at ______________.


Your name.

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