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Request Letter Format

Summary: The format of this form of request letter should be that the sender’s information is placed above the recipient’s information before the content section. The first paragraph states the purpose of the letter while the second lists relevant information and suggestions pertaining to the purpose stated. End the letter courteously.


Florence McGregor

Sales Manager

Dover Products & Services

83 Golf Road


Rembrandt S. Villadsen

Home Guard Alarms Ltd

63 Hindhead Road
WA12 4LP

Date: 5th April 2010

Dear Mr. Villadsen

This is in reference to Home Guard Alarms’ product, the One Touch Alarm, Product No: HG1029OT, which my company installed 2 months ago. I am writing to state my dissatisfaction over the said product’s functions. The Alarm system is overly sensitive to the movements around and thus is frequently set off.

I request that you will look into this issue quickly for a prompt and satisfactory solution as my company’s productivity is affected with the sudden noise outbursts. We have to switch off the alarm for the time being, but an alarm system is crucial for my company’s security.

You may contact me for any further information.

Thanking you for your prompt cooperation.

Yours Sincerely,

Florence McGregor


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