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Copy of Resignation Letter

Summary: Writing a resignation letter is important for the person who wants to leave a company in professional manner. If you want help in writing this letter then here given is the copy of resignation letter. The gentle letter regarding submission of resignation, telling about the new change and thanking for the guidance and experience gained in the old organization. This is the fundamental way to write informative and suitable letter to meet the required factors significantly.

25 July 2010 

Dear Sir: 


I take this opportunity to intimate you please accept my resignation from the position, which I hold at Hills’ Holiday Resort. As I have to join there on 27 August, therefore I have to leave on August 26, 2010. 

I have been offered a better position at Paramount Resorts and Clubs. I am grateful for the valuable guidance and experience that I gained while working under your command in this Resort. I will always appreciate the valuable guidance I learn from the seniors.

You can contact me for my assistance if required, so that the new person may take over my responsibilities comfortably. My email address is robin.wadhwa@gmail.com and my telephone contact is +91 392409 for your convenience. 

Yours sincerely,

Robin Wadhwa

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