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Responding To And Accepting Resignations

This formal employment letter is written by an employer to employee accepting his / her resignation and by responding towards the resignation in a positive or negative manner. Mostly these kinds of letters are ended on a positive note. The letter is also addressed to show describe the worth of losing one of the best employees on the floor.

______________ (Name and address of the recipient)

______________ (Date)


Dear ___________

With reference to your reliving interview you had with us we would like to inform you that management has accepted your resignation and the organization is reliving you w.e.f. 30/09/2010. We hope that your professional association you had with us was thoroughly enjoyed by you.

We hope that your journey of 2 years here in the XYZ Ltd. was marvelous. The management is also pleased and honored by your conduct and performance. We are even honored that you, being one of the best employee in one of the best teams on the floor, are getting it through ABC Ltd.; one of the best organization in the industry.

We realize the worth of losing one of the best employees and considering your performance report the management is pleased to reward you with Rs. 50,000 (Fifty thousand only).  You may handover all your pending projects and work to your manager.  We understand your importance as a team member in ‘PURPLE’ team so if you’re aware of any such good candidate he / she will be taken care of.

With this we approve your resignation and wish your greater heights and achievements in life. Remember our organization will always welcome you with warmth in future.

Yours truly,

For XYZ Ltd.

(Authorized Signatory)

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