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Thank You Letter for Invitation

Summary: Thank you letter for invitation mean you are sending your thanks to the person who have invited for some special occasion or ceremony. After receiving the invitation card or letter you can send your reply in this form. It will be a great thing to do and the person who is inviting will be glad to know that you received and accepted the invitation.

April 12, 2010

Dear Pauline,

Your book launch party was great! The discussion was quite interesting, and the food and décor was just delightful. Rita and I had fun and so we thank you for inviting us over.

Look at you now – a successful writer. I truly am very proud of you. It seems not so long ago that you put your head out the car window trying to read every street sign we pass by. You were still learning to read and write back then. Oh, how time flies. I wish you all the best, my little sister!

I can’t wait for thanksgiving when we could already see you and our dear niece. We haven’t seen Danny for a long time, too, so do tell us if he would be able to make it. It would be nice if we were to celebrate altogether – our whole family.

We thank you again for your hospitality and a pleasant evening. Pass on my love to my sweet niece and do take care!


Love and Tale

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