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Baby Announcement Letter

This letter would be addressed to ones close friends, near or even distant relatives & all the interested ones to inform good news about confirmation of would be baby to take birth in nine months time.

Mr. Narayan Shetty,

Chief Accounts Manager,

VLC Ltd.,


31st Aug’ 2010

Subject: Baby announcement letter.

Dear Narayan;

Hope this letter reaches you in immense bright cheers as this correspondence in itself is bringing the similar moods. Before revealing the suspense just enquiring about how is your job heading and how is anjali and little kareena?  Do convey my best wishes to them. So the great news I am going to convey to you through this letter is that I am going to become a father for the very first time very in next to no time!!!

It is almost four years from now, I still memorize my marriage with anjali, my college mate and it was a casual friendship which transformed into true love from first sight for each other and once our families had accepted, we were blessed beyond bounds. Last week the doctor has confirmed that she had conceived and we are expecting our new little life in nine months and I am ever so impatiently waiting for that day to arrive!! It is indeed a memorable moment to share and we are feeling so sanctified! Please inform your parents about the same, and give them my regards.

Your friend


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