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Pregnancy Announcement Letter

The pregnancy announcement letter is usually written to the dear ones, friends, relatives and all the well-wishers. This letter is written to announce the good news of pregnancy. This letter is full of feelings and excitement.

Some tips to write a good pregnancy announcement letter

  1. Write the letter in very flowery language. There should be happiness and excitement while writing this letter.
  2. Write the letter in suspense manner. Do not tell the good news in very beginning.
  3. Use very informal and friendly tone. Write that you liked to share the feelings with the reader.
  4. Tell the reader that you are missing him so mush after hearing the good news.

Pregnancy Announcement Letter Sample










Subject: Informing relatives about positive pregnancy test.

Dear Mary,

How are you? Hope you are doing very well. I am very happy at this moment and I have written this letter to you to share the happiness. Today I want to give you good news that my wife Neeta is expecting a baby and her pregnancy is normal with god’s grace. We all are very happy to hear that and since that moment we are taking here care and trying our best to keep her happy so that the baby will be healthy and normal. We are following all the guidelines given by the doctor and we hope that we get a very good healthy baby soon. We were so cheerful when the confirmed the news. We thought of sharing this with you and I am sure that you will be too happy after reading this letter. I request to be in touch with her and also give her some guidelines for a successful motherhood, indicate her that you are always with her and close to the heart.

With best wishes;

Yours lovingly,


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