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Appeal Letter for Promotion

When an appeal for promotion should be made the tone has to be polite. Promotions are giving by the company when company feels that the employee has made all its effort for growth and performed really well with respect to his job. But if the person himself recommends his name for promotion; he writes an appeal letter for promotion to his higher authority officers. But he should keep in mind he is addressing to his senior authorities.

Mr. Robert D. Robinson

Managing Director-Pinnacle Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd

3015 Fort Street

Buxton, NC 27959

02 September, 2010


Dear, Mr. Robinson

I Mr. James R. Nix working with Pinnacle Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd for the tenure of 3 years as a Senior Accounts Officer. Within 3 years of period I have proved myself in all aspects of companies’ requirement. I had joined this company as Junior Accounts Office and within one year I make up to level of Senior Accounts Officer. It’s been two year now I am acting as Senior Officer and with regards to all necessary requirements I think now I am eligible for the post of Accounts Head. As I am confident and ready to take up all challenges which will be given to me in respect of this promotion. I have graded with A grade in all aspects at the time of my appraisals therefore I request you to please look forward for my promotion as an Accounts Head and obliquely looking forward for best results.

Yours truly,

Mr. James R. Nix

Senior Accounts Office-Pinnacle Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd

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