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Disciplinary Appeal Letter

This type of appeal letter would most likely be addressed to the one concerned senior authority to make an appeal for repenting & to spare for first & last time for having indulged in some indecent misconduct. This would signify the purpose to improve the performance without affecting the output & productivity to be briefed up.


Mr. Narayan Shetty.

Senior Supervisor.

Friends & Company.

Castle Hill Villa,

24-C, Peddar Wall Street,

Powai Lake Road.

17th Sept’ 2010.

Subject: Request to appeal on disciplinary grounds to improve performance.

Dear Sir,

With great penitence & regretful feelings, having realized my indecent misconduct, writing you this disciplinary appeal letter as against to assure you to improve from my side to the possible extent.

Sir, my misdeed to consume alcohol with our prospective clients in a meeting, was later found to be an improper conduct as representing a part of the Friends & Company.

Although it was purely for striking the deal, I acknowledge my sincere mistake by expressing & assuring you further that I will try utmost to pace up positively & thereby improve the performance & contribute to the productivity of the firm.

Sir, once again I kindly request you to accept my appeal & to do a mercy for the last time, so as to give my best results.

Yours Sincerely.

Akshay Gavde.

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