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Summer Job Application Letter

Summer job are mostly adopted by the poor family college students or the school going children. Summer jobs are temporary jobs. The application letter should clearly mention for how many months or days you will be able to work. Application should be drafted in such a way that the receiver should understand the proper reason why you are adopting to work in summer vacation and it should make him realize that you are in need of it. Summer job application letters helps us to prove our self worthy to apply for any particular job.

Anne C. Staley 
2843 Sherman Ave 
Camden, NJ 08105-442

12th October 2010.

Subject: Summer job application.

Dear Anne,

           I am interested in the summer position at Sarasota Store advertised in The Statesman.

I have excellent communication skills and an aptitude for customer service. My past experience as a volunteer at Sarasota Hospital made it necessary for me to focus on providing quality customer service, and also enabled me to work with all types of people.

I believe that my communication skills, customer service abilities, and positive work ethic would make me an asset to your store.

Thank you for your consideration. I can be reached at peterpan@gmail.com or 222-222-2222. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Faithfully,

Patrick V. Witt.

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