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Business Recognition Letter

Business Recognition Letter is written to give recognition to a particular business. These letters are addressed to a particular person rather than a designation or a post. The tone of the letter should be polite and there should be a positive impact. The letter should be straight forward.

The following tips will help you to write a business recognition letter:

1. The letter should be simple, clear and easy to understand.

2. The letter should be up to the point and straight forward.

Business Recognition Letter Sample



Mukesh Bhatnagar

Innovations advertising firm,

897, Lake Road,



28th September, 2013

Dear Mr.Bhatnagar,

I checked your quotation a couple of days ago and found it very impressive. In the quotation you said that your firm will render valuable service and it will be useful to work as advertising partners.

Our organization has gone through your impressive and innovative advertisements which you have sent to us along with the quotation. We hope you would create more interesting things for our organization as well.

All the norms mentioned in the quotation are clear and acceptable. We shall make the payments in three installments. When we meet next time, we can discuss matters related to payment. We request you to contact us at the earliest to finalize the deal with us. If there are any other matters to be discussed, please let us know.

Your advertising firm has reputation in the industry and we hope it will be mutually beneficial with this partnership.

We hope to have a healthy business relationship with your firm.

Looking forward to meet you at the earliest

Thanking you,


Yours Sincerely,

Nagesh Sharma

Marketing Manager

SQL Enterprises

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