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Keep in Touch Letter

This type of letter suggesting or convincing & advising ones close friends, or even special ones to stay connected at least in a week or whenever possible. This would most probably a bit of salty & sugar coated words depending upon the relationship with the recipient, to make him realize about the distance of parting away due to unavoidable reasons.


Harry Peterson,

Beside 28-G Lane,

Friends Quarters Colony


Subject: Sincere request to keep in touch.

Dear Mr. Peterson,

I was shocked to see my letter after having just left & part away from college just a couple of weeks ago. Well it’s my style to bring back together & hold on to our college group who seems to get separated & simply go along their own ways. Just giving it a sincere try, who wish to live life just like those college days, to share & support for every minute crust & fragments happening in the life.

So without any compulsion & without any special invitation this is a one time offer cum request cum order to keep in touch & also to live forever as best buddies. Hoping to see you at Café da Villa on this Sunday evening to celebrate our new beginning in a grand way.

Thanking you,

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