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Condolence Letter Format

Writing a condolence letter is a very effective way to show your condolences and deep sympathy towards the grieving person. This letter gives comfort to the family of dead person and helps them to come out of the sorrow of death. So, the format of this letter must be correct and you should use very sympathetic words in the letter. Here is the sample of condolence letter format written to a friend on death of his wife.

..Name and address of sender…


Name of receiver……

Address of receiver…


Dear ….First name of receiver

Dear First name of receiver..

I would like to express my deep condolences on sudden death of your wife on …date…due to .. reason of death. I can understand the situation of your heart but you have to balance yourself and need to come out of this grief as you have to look after you children and have to continue the life. I know this is very difficult but you have to accept he reality.

I will pray to God to give peace to her soul. Remember that her blessings are always with you and with that you have to look after your children. Please accept my deep sympathy at this sad event. Please tell me if you need any help, I will be very pleased to help you.

Thanks and regards

First name of sender


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